Ant Control in Centurion

Why Professional Ant Control in Centurion is a Must

Because the majority of ant species prefer sunny climates, it isn’t good news for South Africans. Our climate and environment is perfectly suited for ants to thrive in. Even though garden and black garden ants aren’t particularly thought to carry diseases, these pests can become a real nuisance when they invade the home. Taking into account that ants often travel through dirty, grimy areas before scurrying over your countertops, you don’t want them marching around where you prepare food or in your food cupboards. No one wants them crawling up their legs either.

Professional Centurion ant control services can help you to rid your home from these pests, while ensuring that your environment remains unattractive and unappealing for future infestations. Ants are always in search of new food sources. Once they find it, they form a cluster around the food source and become a nuisance in homes, businesses and organisations across South Africa. Do you think that you might have an ant infestation? Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for.

Signs that You’re Being Invaded by an Ant Infestation

Small piles of earth around holes in soil, as well as at the base of exterior walls, are clear indicators of ants’ origin. If you have seen a few ants scurrying around on your floors, they might just be scouting around. Or, more alarmingly, they might very well be the sign of a much larger ant infestation on your property.

One of the first signs to be on the lookout for is sightings of large numbers of live ants in your workplace or home. Additionally, if you find the ants in your kitchen, or areas where food is prepared, then you have an ant problem and need to do something about it fast. Professional ant control solutions in Centurion can offer an effective and humane solution for ant infestations of any degree, size or scope.

If you see ant pathways leading in and out of your property, it is another sign of an infestation. There are ant species that lay down a pheromone trail to mark the path to a food source. This chemical alerts other ants to the food, and will soon have an army of them marching up and down your home. Another sign that you may be walking under the weight of an ant infestation is if you spot an ant nest. The nest can look like a small pile of dirt or soil, with some species preferring to make their home in walls or other types of darker places. These can be more difficult to spot with the naked eye.

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