Ant Control Johannesburg

Take Back Control of Your Home with Effective Ant Control in Johannesburg

Ants are beneficial for the outside areas and the environment, and they help with controlling many insect pests. They also assist with decomposition of organic material, which is an important benefit that they offer. However, when ants become a pest and start to affect your quality of life, balance needs to be achieved. With professional ant control in Johannesburg, you can restore the balance in your home.

The infestation of ants inside the home can quickly become unpleasant. It can just as quickly evolve from an inconvenience to a dire situation. Ants are attracted to the domestic home for various reasons. Sometimes something as seemingly innocuous as leaving open a packet of sweets on the table, or spilling some sugar when making coffee can set in motion a soon-to-be full-blown infestation in your home.

Preventing Ant Infestations in Your Home

The old adage of “prevention is better than cure” still applies here. Professional ant control is a relief for many in Johannesburg who need it, but with some forethought, you can drastically cut the chances of experiencing an ant infestation. Here are a few ways in which to avoid an infestation from taking root in the first place:

  • Block entry to the home – Caulk is a great filler that you can use in cracks or holes in the foundation and walls. There are other remedies available too. The point is to make it as difficult for ants to gain access to your home in the first place.
  • Protect your food – Keep jars and lids tightly closed, and place pet food bowls in a second, larger bowl filled with soapy water. The second, larger bowl prevents ants from reaching the food.
  • Keep your home clean – This includes making sure that crumbs, leftover food and dirty dishes aren’t left around to accumulate, as this is an open invitation not only for ants, but other pests too.


Trust Bugman Pest Control for Expert and Affordable Ant Control in Johannesburg

We are a leader in effective ant control in Johannesburg. Our main areas of operation include Johannesburg North and South, East Rand and the Pretoria area. If your home or business is being overrun by ants, we have the effective and permanent solution needed to give you back control of your property.

Bringing decades of experience to the sector, we offer a reliable and affordable solution to pest control in Johannesburg. Our specialty, however, extends beyond offering ant control. In the past, we have helped companies and domestic homeowners to deal effectively with termites, cockroaches, rats, mice, flies, crickets and bedbugs, to name only a few of the pests we’ve dealt with.

Our technicians are trained in the international pest control best practices, and are experienced in using the latest technologies and equipment available on the market. So contact us at Bugman Pest Control to learn more about our solutions for professional ant control in Johannesburg, and reclaim your home and quality of life again.