Cockroach Control Johannesburg

Leave Cockroach Control to the Experts in Johannesburg

People usually only become concerned about a pest invasion once they’re able to see the offending creatures or species in areas in which they don’t belong or where they’ve never been seen before. Only then does the penny drop – they have a visible pest problem.

One tends to forget that some pests, like cockroaches, are primarily nocturnal. They prefer to come out at night to feed, so they’re seldom seen. Unless you’re trained to detect their presence, it may take a while before you realise that you have cockroaches in the home, office or restaurant.

Activity Levels During Winter

During Johannesburg’s Highveld winter months, when little or no rain falls, various commonplace pest species become less active, mainly because the availability of food and its sources decrease. You may not notice their presence, which was reaching epic proportions a couple of months ago, when it was hot.

However, not seeing large numbers of pests doesn’t mean that they’re not there. They are, but one tends to think otherwise when they’re not making their presence known, as it were.

Undetected, hidden from sight in the safety of their nests or colonies, it almost seems as though they’re counting down the days until summer arrives and they can re-emerge to multiply and resume their nuisance value (to human beings). Ants, bees, wasps and hornets, flies and mosquitos are prime examples of insects which one detects less often during winter.

At the same time (winter), rodents are more likely to be detected in dwellings, offices and other buildings, where they seek warm shelter, nesting material and a readily available source of food. Their presence is relatively easy to discern.

Cockroach Infestation

The mere mention of a cockroach infestation sends shivers up many a spine. These hardy insects are said to have survived nuclear radiation, volcanic eruptions, the Ice Age and just about any other natural catastrophe or man-made event you care to name. It’s no wonder that some supermarket pesticides may kill cockroaches on contact, but are ineffective in controlling a hidden infestation.

Nevertheless, it’s in your interest to rid your premises of roaches, which love food preparation areas, bathrooms and drains – anywhere that’s dark, damp or humid, ideally warm (sometimes cool, depending on species), and undisturbed. Cupboard interiors, the crevices behind baths, stoves and fridges, and those around electric motors are ideal cockroach habitat.

Cockroach Borne Diseases

  • Dysentery
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Typhoid
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Salmonella
  • Diarrhoea
  • These diseases are dangerous and may be fatal
  • Because they eat just about anything, including rotting garbage and faeces, it’s imperative to get rid of cockroaches in dwellings and in other areas where hygiene is important and in which food is stored, prepared and eaten.

Calling Johannesburg’s Expert Pest Controllers

Because female cockroaches lay up to 6 capsules per month (each containing up to 40 eggs, which incubate within 3 – 4 weeks), there’s every indication that when one is killed, you may have a minimum of 240 new little ones, ready to take her place and continue the cycle of infestation.

At least two professional cockroach control treatments should be performed. This is best left to Bugman Pest Controllers, registered experts in this field, who use only SABS approved pesticides – for the safety of your family, pets and your environment.