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3 Signs Your Home May be Infested with Termites – Get Rid of Termites in Johannesburg by Knowing the Signs

Few things can be as devastating to your home as a termite infestation. It can destroy your home’s value a little more every day, leaving you frustrated and in a panic as your home is literally consumed around you. Termites are considered one of the top threats to wood-based structures in South Africa. Even a home’s edging and skirting can become ruined from a termite infestation.

Knowing the signs of a potential infestation is the first step to get rid of termites in your home. Educating yourself on termite basics – from identification to the warning signs and preventive steps – is all key to protecting your home from termite infestations. Termites are active in warmer climates, which makes South Africa a perfect breeding ground for this pest.

There are different types of termites, but the damage to your home doesn’t distinguish between different species. A termite specialised will need to identify the species and effectively treat the infestation to make sure it doesn’t recur in a few years’ time.

Many South Africans mistakenly believe that termites are mostly active during springtime, but they are actually quite active throughout the year. Swarms, which is the most visible sign of termite activity in your home, occur mostly in spring, but you need to detect the less obvious signs of an infestation in order to save yourself a bunch of expenses and a lot of stress. Let’s look at some signs your home is under invasion from termites.

  1. Hollow-sounding Wood

Termites prefer dark and humid environments, which means that they do not usually feed on surface wood, where they are visible to the human eye. Alarmingly, the wood surface might appear smooth, even while the termites are inflicting damage to your home. If the wood sounds hollow when tapped. It might very well be because termites are consuming your home.

  1. Distorted and Cracked Paint on Wooden Surfaces

Termites can enter your home through openings smaller than a cent, so keep an eye out and seal any cracks in your home’s foundation and near your roof’s siding, windows and vents.

  1. Groups of Winged Insects, or Discarded Wings

Reproductive termites, referred to as swarmers, take flight in order to create new colonies. If you notice a swarm of insects or see clumps of discarded wings, call a pest removals expert to get rid of termites in your home for good.

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