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Five Questions to Ask Pest Control Companies

Oftentimes, homeowners’ experiences of pest infestations at their properties share a similar trait: it happened unexpectedly. It feels like one morning you woke up and cockroaches overran your home. Truth is that there probably were warning signs, but you just didn’t know what to look for.

So we have compiled five questions that you can ask pest control companies after they have helped you to take back control of your home. Armed with this information, you will be far better off in future to identify a possible infestation, or to avoid an infestation from happening at all.

  1. What Caused the Infestation?

This is an important question to ask. It is vital to learn the answer to it, as it will directly impact the chances of your home suffering a future re-infestation of the pest. Because there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of pests that can invade South African homes, let’s choose one pesky pest in particular to focus our examples on. Keep in mind that it can be any pest.

Rats are disgusting, frightening and disease carrying. You never want them in your home or near your property. If your home is suffering from a rat infestation, getting to the bottom of why an infestation occurred will help you to keep them away in future. Did trash accumulate on your property? Was there an ideal breeding ground? Pest control companies know how to answer all these questions.

  1. Why Did the Infestation Take Hold?

Even if there were ideal breeding grounds for rats on your property, there is a reason why it took hold. Maybe your home has holes in its roof, walls or foundation that made it attractive for the rats to breed, or there was a sufficient food source to support the fledgling population of rats.

  1. What are the Ideal Conditions for an Infestation?

Knowing what the ideal conditions are for a rat infestation will help you to know what to avoid. Pest control companies will be able to advise you on this.

  1. What are the Signs that My Home is Being Infested?

Oftentimes, by the time you realise that your home is suffering from an infestation, it is already quite severe. You are only seeing the obvious symptoms of the infestation. Knowing what to look for in future will help you to identify an infestation straight away and get on top of it before it gets out of hand.

  1. How Can I Prevent a Future Re-infestation?

The easy answer is to make your home as unattractive as possible to pests. Again, your pest control company will be able to answer this question in detail.

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