Pest Control Germiston

Leave your Germiston Pest Control Problems to the Bugman

Germiston was established a long time ago and as such, is an old town in South African terms, but less so when compared with the longstanding history of Europe. Like many upcountry towns and cities, Germiston owes its establishment to the discovery of gold and mining operations.

It was also an important railway junction during the years when railways were the preferred means of travel and transportation of goods.


This erstwhile settlement, now home to one of Bugman Pest Control’s excellent franchises, was given its name by a pair of early gold prospectors, John Jack and August Simmer, respectively hailing from the farm, Germiston, near Glasgow in Scotland and Vacha in Germany.

The pair was very successful in their quest for this precious yellow metal, which they unearthed on a farm called Elandsfontein, now an industrial area and home to numerous factories. One of the area’s really prosperous gold mines was named after these two fortunate fortune seekers – the Simmer and Jack Mine, which remained prosperous and profitable for many decades.

Still Growing

Although gold mining is no longer a major endeavour in the immediate area, Germiston’s Rand Refinery remains a giant amongst the world’s largest gold refineries, a position it has held since its establishment in 1921.

Most of Germiston’s older residential suburbs have been preserved too, whilst there’s been extensive residential and commercial expansion. The city and its economy continue to grow, as does the need for ever more service industries, of which Bugman Pest Control, Germiston is a great example.

Ever Present Pest Populations

Germiston and its surrounding areas are by no means pest free and will never be exempt from invasion by insect and other nuisance species. After all, Germiston is located in Africa and Africa’s creatures are tough, because this continent can be harsh and unforgiving.

Most people are perfectly content to let tough and determined pest species be, as long as they remain out of and away from homes, offices and other buildings occupied or used by humans.

Once they enter human domain or get too close, man says: “Enough” and the on-going battle commences, unless of course, you wisely seek a professional solution – a qualified pest controller, ideally Bugman.

Local Solution in Germiston

Bugman Pest Control is a franchise group, one of its franchisees located and operating in Germiston and the surrounding area. It’s an advantage to utilise the services of a business which is situated in your local area.

They’re close to where you live or work, meaning that response times are quick and access to services is easy. You receive service directly from the franchise holder, who has a vested interest in his/her business and ensuring customer satisfaction.

All Germiston’s Bugman Pest Control teams are PCO-supervised and -controlled, an important factor in the effective yet safe treatment of the specific pest species which has reached infestation proportions.

All pesticides are SABS approved and the company is registered with the Department of Agriculture, providing you with peace of mind and safe, approved control measures. Moreover, Bugman’s prices are reasonable and fair. We don’t capitalise on your pest problem, irrespective of its nature – we control them all and we look forward to doing the same for you, in Germiston.