Pest Control Wellington

Bugman Pest Control is in Boland’s Beautiful Wellington Too

Much like in the rest of South Africa, the pretty Boland town of Wellington in the Western Cape Province of the country has its fair share of household pests, which may reach epidemic proportions if not controlled from time to time. That’s why Bugman Pest Control operates here too, as it does in Paarl, which is virtually adjacent to Wellington because of the expansion of both centres.

Wellington, a Jewel of the Boland

This hospitable, picturesque town is slap-bang in the centre of the Cape Winelands; its economy and importance grew as a result of its wineries, cultivation of outstanding deciduous fruit, dried fruit delicacies and brandy distilleries.

The town was named after the English hero, the Duke of Wellington, in 1840. Although the need for pest control services in Wellington may have no direct link to the town’s agricultural activities, infestations could nevertheless ultimately have an extremely negative bearing on fruit farming.

Commonplace Variables Affect Insect Numbers

Various variables affect insect, bird and wildlife populations, as their natural habitat shrinks because of increased human settlement. In the insect world and that of other smaller species which typically become pests, their populations thrive and increase exponentially if their food supply is plentiful, their predators are absent or scarce and weather conditions favour their breeding.

Call Qualified Pest Controllers

When this occurs, it’s best to call in the assistance of qualified, reputable pest controllers like Bugman Pest Control, specialists who possess the knowledge, experience and qualifications to help you eradicate the invasive species.

DIY May Make Matters Worse

Many householders and building occupants unsuccessfully attempt to get rid of pests by means of products which they purchase “over the counter”. Such insecticides and poisons may not be effective and use of them may backfire or prove to be a waste of money.

It should also be noted that certain species eventually develop immunity or resistance against some pesticides, as has occurred in the case of perhaps 43 species of mosquitoes, in areas in which spraying took place to eliminate malaria carriers.

Resistance may be passed on to offspring too, actually exacerbating pest problems, some of which may have serious or fatal consequences – malaria again being a case in point. It is thought that approximately 400 types of insects and a variety of fungi and weeds have become resistant to substances which previously eradicated them.

Typically, professional pest eradication products are not for sale to the public, since their use is restricted to specialised practitioners with expertise (and/or registration) in order to administer them safely, responsibly and correctly. 

Bugman’s Credentials

Bugman Pest Control’s Johannesburg-based founder and now franchisor is a qualified pest controller, registered with the Department of Agriculture, specialising in structural – domestic and commercial – pest control. Experienced teams are PCO supervised, whilst all pesticides used by the enterprise and its outlets are SABS approved.

Our mission is straightforward and clear, “the provision of good service at a reasonable price” while “delivering humane treatment to all pests”, and we constantly strive to live up to and improve upon our mission – in Johannesburg, Wellington and all the other areas in which we operate.