Rodent Control Centurion

Take Rodent Control Action Sooner Rather than Later

Rodents can (and will) rapidly become pests if you live in and around Centurion, or anywhere else on Gauteng’s Highveld, which largely consisted of veld and agricultural farm lands not all that long ago – perfect habitat for a number of South African rodent species, especially those which typically live on or below ground level.

Rapid development and the incursion of humans has changed the natural landscape somewhat, shrinking rodents’ natural habitats and bringing them into an increasing number of conflict situations with people, be they crop or livestock farmers, homeowners, factory or commercial property owners.

In addition to being rapid breeders, certain rodent species – mainly rats and mice – are extremely opportunistic, remaining quite undeterred by the presence of human beings, their structures and daily activities. The same cannot be said of people, though. Some are acutely afraid of rodents.

Since time immemorial, cartoons and caricatures have featured women perched on tables, chairs or anything else above floor level, shrieking in fear, horror and the hope of help, all at the mere sight of a rat or mouse. She is a veritable damsel in distress, never giving thought to these rodents’ ability to leap and climb far higher than the height of the elevated place of perceived sanctuary and safety upon which she has taken refuge.

Said lady is so terror-stricken that she is not even aware of the fact that the equally frightened, offending creature is poised to run away and seek a hiding place at a moment’s notice. It is also extremely likely that the rat or mouse will escape unharmed.

The question remains – where is it hiding and when will it re-emerge, most probably undetected? Does it have a mate and/or babies in its nest – yet? Because they are such prolific breeders, mates and umpteen large litters of offspring are bound to follow in short order.

It is only a matter of time before you have a major rodent infestation problem of epic proportions on your hands, once they have entered your domain. Before that first, seemingly solitary mouse or rat settles in with its family, it is most definitely time to call for the assistance of professional rodent controllers, ideally from a company that operates in your own area – Centurion, in this instance.

Preventative and Corrective Control Measures

Fortunately, Bugman Pest Control has an outlet in Centurion, as well as several other professionally run franchises – respectively in Johannesburg South, West, East and North, Pretoria (inclusive of Centurion), Mpumalanga and the Cape Boland.

The cartoon lady was not entirely wrong to fear the rodent. They spread and transmit a variety of bacteria and diseases, some of which may be fatal to humans. Rodents carry fleas, which may also carry disease organisms and lead to an additional, resistant pest problem – flea infestation.

Rodents typically like to live in roofs, cupboards and kitchens of homes, offices, food establishments, hospitals, warehouses, grain stores and anywhere else that offers shelter and a ready food supply. They contaminate foodstuffs with their urine and faeces, and gnaw at almost anything, causing structural damage in buildings and electrical wiring.

More often than not, when one rodent is seen, there are more of them that are not visible. Contact Bugman in Centurion to control and eradicate invasive rodents professionally, earlier rather than later, when a problem has become an infestation.