Rodent Control Paarl

Bugman Boland’s Professional Rodent Control for Paarl Residents

The climate in the Western Cape’s Boland and the Paarl area is quite unlike that in the rest of South Africa. In this gloriously picturesque region, summers are hot and dry, whilst the rainy season occurs during winter. Colder, wet winters provide reason aplenty for small rodents (principally rats and mice) to seek a warm, dry and safe refuge to shelter, nest and breed, ideally in a location where food is plentiful without the need to venture outdoors to forage.

Human settlements and buildings meet all the rodent pest species’ requirements perfectly, especially those rooms or areas in which foodstuffs are stored (warehouses and food retailers), where food is prepared and eaten (kitchens, restaurants, hotels, canteens and hospitals) or where leftovers are discarded, along with other general waste products.

Common Rodents Found in South Africa

Rodents, which are commonplace in South Africa, include mice, rats, moles, rabbits and hares, gerbils and hamsters (kept by children as pets), and squirrels, the latter occurring mainly in the Boland and Paarl region, which also has its share of moles. However, rats and mice are the main rodent invaders of human dwellings and other buildings. It is vital to control these pests because they threaten our health and well-being. Certain diseases that they transmit to human beings may be fatal if not diagnosed and treated in time.

Serious Diseases Borne by Rats and Mice

As mentioned, disease organisms spread by rodent pest species (mice and rats), are numerous and potentially dangerous to human beings and possibly to pets too. Of these hazards, the unpleasant odours, flea infestations and the sounds of little feet scuttling about at night on ceilings, disturbing sleep and a good night’s rest, are probably the least harmful.

Both species urinate and defecate wherever they go, and they will literally go anywhere in your home, especially at night when you are asleep and they are unobserved. This includes contaminating any foodstuffs that were left out. Remember, household rodent pests eat whatever humans eat and a lot more. They also walk across anything edible, a guarantee of contamination and the possibility of infection. Salmonella is spread in this way.

Bubonic plague is transmitted via fleas that have fed on an infected rodent. Unless treated, the fatality rate of this deadly disease is up to 90%. Death occurs after the victim has typically experienced fever, chills, diarrhoea, severe headaches and swollen lymph nodes.

Rabies outbreaks occur regularly in various regions of South Africa, including in the Paarl area. Rodents found anywhere will bite if cornered or threatened, especially if rabid, when they appear to “lose” fear of humans. Timely treatment is essential to avoid a horrible illness, followed by a lingering death.

About 13 strains of Leptospirosis infect humans; some may be fatal. Leptospirosis is typically transmitted by water that has been contaminated with rat urine – a strain of this serious disease is also known as Weil’s disease, of which final stage symptoms include organ failure and death.

Act Sooner, Not Later

Be alert in Paarl, especially during winter. As soon as you suspect that any rodents have taken up residence in your home, contact Bugman Pest Control’s Boland franchise to control and eradicate the rodent problem, lest it take control of your life.