Rodent Control Paarl

Professional Paarl Rodent Controllers to the Rescue

Like so many South African cities and towns, the historical and pretty Western Cape town of Paarl has its share of household pests, amongst them rodents, especially rats and mice. In particular, mice prefer to live almost exclusively under roofs and indoors, where they hide from potential predators and the elements, including the wet winter months of this winter rainfall area and, of course, the well-known Cape Doctor, a strong south-easterly wind.

Squirrels are another rodent species that occur in Paarl and other Western Cape towns, but they do not breed as prolifically as do other types of rodents, nor do they enter human dwellings and structures. In fact, they avoid human contact and feed on what they forage in nature. Squirrels are therefore not regarded as pests.

Rats in Vineyards

The area’s climate is perfect for grape cultivation and winemaking, two major contributors to the region’s economy; Paarl is located in the centre of it, surrounded by vineyards. Some grape harvests are used for making wine and brandy, while premium, select grapes are destined for the export market. However, only the best, unblemished fruit is suitable for the latter purpose. Certain growers specialise in producing and supplying the export table grape market. For this purpose, fruit is stringently inspected and graded before being accepted as export quality.

Unfortunately, rats eat grapes. Where the supply is plentiful, rats will gnaw on them. They are capable of ruining large quantities of top-quality export grapes within a season if uncontrolled. Although rats and mice are so similar in many respects, it is interesting to note that grapes are toxic to mice.

Rodent Damage in Buildings

Both rats and mice are highly opportunistic, entering homes, business premises, factories, hospitals, shops and restaurants in search of food and nesting sites. Any suitable structure will do and they will enter through any available aperture. Rats are even known to enter bathrooms through the toilet’s water seal. Both species are excellent climbers, able to burrow, swim and cause extensive damage in buildings by gnawing on virtually anything, from electrical cables, furniture, and fabrics, to paper and wood. They are mainly active at night and carry a variety of hazardous diseases.

Rodent-borne Diseases

South Africa’s principle rodent pest is the house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat. Infestation increases the risk of contracting a number of diseases via breathing in dust contaminated with rodent faeces and urine, direct contact with excrement, eating contaminated food (or drinking contaminated liquids), or bite wounds. Here are some of the diseases they carry:

  • Leptospirosis.
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis.
  • Plague.
  • Rat-bite fever.
  • Salmonellosis.
  • Murine typhus
  • Weil’s disease (a severe form of leptospirosis).
  • Flea-borne diseases, of which Murine typhus is one.
  • Lassa fever occurs in West Africa, but not in Paarl, South Africa.


Pest and Rodent Controllers in the Paarl Region

As soon as you detect signs of rodent activity, engage the services of qualified, experienced and registered pest and rodent controllers, such as Bugman Pest Control, Boland. Ensure your well-being, your family’s health and the safety of your home and prized possessions. Bugman Boland serves the greater Paarl, Wellington and Franschhoek region, controlling and eradicating most household pests, from rodents to ants, termites, fleas and ticks, fish moths, flies and mosquitoes, weevils, cockroaches, crickets, and mites to bedbugs and bees.