Rodent Control Tshwane

Effective Control of Tshwane’s Invasive Rodents

Unless you live in an apartment near the top of a multi-storey building in the city of Tshwane, it is highly likely that you have one or more species of rodents on your property, most often rats and/or mice. In fact, even living far above ground level is no guarantee that your home is rodent-free. Wherever humans live or work, there are opportunities for these resourceful creatures to find shelter and ample, easily accessible sources of food. Rodents are highly adaptable at finding everything they need to survive and they will eat almost anything.

Prolific Breeders

Once a rat or mouse has found suitable shelter and food supplies, instinct demands that they breed and they do – at an alarmingly rapid rate. As soon as a partner joins the first invader, they built a nest and begin to reproduce. The building’s human residents have a problem on hand, although in all probability, it initially remains undetected. One pair of mice or rats is capable of producing up to ten litters every year. Each litter may consist of 8-10 babies, which reach adult stage and sexual maturity within 2-3 months. By now, the cycle of invasions and infestation is well and truly underway.

Bugman Pest Control, Tshwane

Wherever there is one rodent, there are many more, or will be very soon, unless you take immediate action as soon as signs of their presence are detected. It is imperative that you have them eradicated by a professional pest controller, ideally a reputable, professional pest control company that is situated in your own area, such as Bugman Pest Control, Tshwane.

We are registered with the Department of Agriculture. For your safety and peace of mind, we only make use of SABS-approved rodenticides to rid your premises of rodents. A highly effective rodenticide bait is normally used, which typically takes care of the problem within about 5-21 days. A persistent infestation may require that break-back traps and glue boards be used, but this method is rarely employed, and then only as a last resort. 

Nocturnal Habits

Rats and mice may enter your premises at any time of the year; rats perhaps more so during winter when they look for warmth and shelter, especially in very cold environments. Both species are able to fit through tiny openings, since they are able to flatten their bodies and they are excellent climbers. When they find a gap alongside pipes, under a door, or between an outer wall and roof tiles, they will use it to enter a building. It is always a good idea to check your home periodically in order to prevent rodent ingress by these routes.

Almost all South Africans have experienced the scurrying sounds produced by rodents in the roof at night when they are most active. They prefer to feed when it is dark and many of their potential enemies are asleep. Although these nocturnal sounds on the ceiling can be loud enough to disturb one’s sleep, the health risks posed by rodent invasion are far more serious and may even prove to be fatal. That is why it is imperative that you contact your local Bugman pest controller to eliminate rodents in and around your Tshwane property.