Termite Control Paarl

Termite Control for Paarl by Bugman Boland

Termites occur throughout South Africa, from Florida to Fish Hoek, Carletonville to Cape Town, Eldorado Park to East London, Pretoria to Paarl and everywhere in between. Wherever they find a place to nest, establish a colony and find a readily available source of food, there they will settle. Unfortunately, human structures and activities often bring us into conflict with these prolific and opportunistic creatures, which determinedly go about their termite business, completely undeterred by the presence or activities of people.

Termites’ Functions

Termites’ function the way they do for the sole purpose of ensuring their survival, much like every other living thing – mammals, reptiles, insects, plants, and birds. Survival of the individual and by extension the species is every living organism’s most basic, primal instinct and function. This applies as much to termites, their colonies and individual colony members as it does to other living species. In order to survive, obtaining food or sustenance is essential, followed by the need and instinct to seek safe shelter and, thereafter, procreate.

When these creatures infest human habitat – your home, office, warehouse or other structures, or your garden or land that you cultivate – they become pests, which must be controlled or eradicated in order to prevent costly damage or total loss.

Two Types Become Destructive Pests

Two types of termites, the harvester and subterranean species, are responsible for most of the damage created in South Africa by this genus. Harvesters “harvest” plant matter. They can often be observed carrying bits of leaves, grass and other vegetation from source to their underground nests. Because this activity never ceases and the colonies continue to grow, they can easily destroy your lawn or crops (in Paarl and elsewhere), within a relatively short space of time. Indoors, they may target carpets containing cellulose too.

Subterranean termites establish colonies and nests underground, as their name suggests. This species is most likely to feed off seasoned wood, such as that found in buildings and similar structures that contain wood. This species may also establish nests in the foundations of buildings. They favour roof trusses and beams, wooden floors and window frames (so popular in the Paarl’s Cape Dutch buildings), as well as skirting boards, furniture, doors, cupboards, paper, fibre board and fabrics that contain plant fibres, such as those which are rich in cotton.

Any of these structures will be severely weakened from within and may eventually collapse or disintegrate due to termites’ activity, since they convert the cellulose found in wood and timber to food for the ever-expanding colony, which may number in the tens of thousands or even millions.

Prevention and Control by Bugman Boland

Bugman Pest Control Boland serves the Paarl, Wellington and Franschhoek areas, which is prone to termite infestation, as is the rest of this country. We utilise the drill-and-inject method to control or eradicate termites, preventing the devastating damage that they cause. A 5-year guarantee accompanies subterranean termite treatments.

Pesticides used by Bugman’s outlets are all SABS-approved and the company is registered with the Department of Agriculture. As professional pest controllers, we specialise in corporate and domestic pest problems, inclusive of termite control. Avoid costly loss by contacting the knowledgeable specialists – Bugman Boland.