Termite Control Randburg

Take Out Troublesome Termites in Randburg

As soon as you detect the presence of termites in your Randburg garden, there is one thing of which you can be 100% sure – you already have a problem, and many more of these annoying bugs are present. You will have to take control measures, sooner rather than later. For every one you see, there are thousands more very close by, albeit hidden from view inside their colony – at least for now. The fact that the majority of the termite population which has moved into your Randburg property’s grounds is not immediately visible, should not give you the impression that they are not there and therefore of no consequence. It is a law of nature that, where there is one termite, there are invariably thousands more.


These creatures live in colonies that may consist of thousands or even tens of thousands of individual colony members, in various stages of development. Their lifecycle follows a set sequence: egg, nymph and adult. Termites are a social species; the colony survives and grows like a single organism or one body, consisting of numerous working parts (individual members), performing specific roles or tasks, each according to its functional status within the hierarchy of the colony as a whole.

At all times, the nest will contain termites in all stages of development, which makes it all the more difficult for human beings to control their numbers or eradicate the population entirely.

Failure of DIY Extermination Attempts

Because immature colony members cannot venture outside the nest nor do all the mature termites do so simultaneously, it is unlikely that a DIY pest controller will reach and kill off each part or member of the colony with an over-the-counter pesticide. Consequently, the colony will live on and continue to grow, and so too will your problem, despite your best efforts and the money you throw at your termite infestation in Randburg. The potential for damage is great – to your garden, home or other structures on your property. Moreover, if left unchecked, the damage will soon get out of hand and the problem even more difficult to solve.

Potentially at Risk

Depending on exactly which termite species has invaded your property, the following areas are amongst those that are commonly at risk of being damaged or destroyed:

  • Structures such as wooden roof trusses, beams, doors, window frames, solid wood floors, furniture, wooden skirting boards and cupboards.
  • Lawns, crops, carpets, curtains and upholstery.

Bring in Randburg’s Bugman Team

In order to achieve an effective result, it is wise to engage specialised pest controllers to address the problem of termite infestation. Bugman Pest Control (in Johannesburg North) serves the Randburg area, amongst numerous suburbs within the city’s northern region. One of our registered pest controllers will perform an inspection and evaluation prior to recommending the appropriate SABS-approved pesticide with which to execute a drill-and-inject procedure in order to address the termite problem.

The process serves to control and eliminate the entire colony, while simultaneously preventing damage and protecting structures or gardens at risk of being destroyed. Rather be safe than sorry. Let Bugman Pest Control’s experts sort out the critters that bug you.