Termite Control Tshwane

Termites and their Control in Tshwane

For some time now, there has been a rather hot debate in Pretoria about name changes in public domain. As far as is commonly accepted, it appears that the city itself is still called “Pretoria”, whilst the greater area is now “Tshwane” – the region served by expert, registered termite controllers, namely Bugman Pest Control, (Pretoria/Tshwane).

As is indicated by our name, we’re a specialised company which is also involved in the control of numerous other pests too, not only termites. As a whole, Bugman Pest Control’s various franchised outlets cover extensive parts of South Africa, of which our Pretoria operation is one, servicing the greater Tshwane area. Head office and our franchisor are based in Johannesburg.

Customer Benefits

Customers received great benefits by dealing with a franchised outlet such as ours, in Tshwane.

  • Supporting a local business, one close to where you live, shop, and make use of infrastructure and services, ensures that money is put back into one’s local municipality, typically through the taxes and levies paid by such concerns. Thus, authorities have the funds necessary to maintain and improve infrastructure – an on-going benefit to and added value for all residents, property owners and businesses.
  • When your community thrives, the area becomes sought after and property values increase – again an advantage for all concerned.
  • By and large, operating a franchise is equivalent to owning and running one’s own business. Operators have a vested interest in every aspect of the business, from the provision of outstanding customer service and satisfaction to top quality products and services, and the establishment of a sound reputation. You, the customer, reap the benefits.
  • Customers have the peace of mind and convenience of receiving service from a local concern. Should any queries or concerns arise, it’s simple and quick to address them directly with a business owner (franchisee), right on their own doorstep.


Unwelcome Operators

However, there are certain prolific operators which you certain don’t welcome on your doorstep, or rather, in your yard or on your property – termites.

There’s good news, though; there’s a Bugman termite controller who specialises in solving problem populations of these hardy, determined creatures, from Atteridgeville to Eldoraigne, Mabopane to Menlyn, Hammanskraal to Waterkloof, and anywhere in Tshwane.

Types of Termites in Tshwane

As in the rest of South Africa, two main types of termites are found in Tshwane – subterranean and harvester termites. They live in colonies which may be enormous. In each there’s a queen, who may live, constantly laying millions of eggs, for up to 30 years, producing an awful lot of termites.

Harvesters harvest grass, seedlings, leaves and both living and dead plant matter. Because of their preferred diet, they’ll mainly infest gardens and fields but are known to enter buildings too, usually via underground tunnels, from which they emerge to damage carpets, curtains and similar materials.

The subterranean species causes structural damage to buildings’ wooden components – roof trusses, floors, skirting boards, cupboards, picture frames, doors, books, cardboard cartons, furniture and paper products. Obviously, repair or replacement of all such damaged items is costly, but structural building damage may be irreparable.

Let Bugman’s expert pest control team establish which type of termite is present, where to drill in order to apply treatments and which SABS approved termiticide will best address the problem infestation – before it’s too late.