Termites Johannesburg

Understanding Termite Infestations in Johannesburg

There are over 2 700 known termite species throughout the world. Termites are characterised by their ability to build underground nests. This pest can be extremely destructive and leave lasting structural damage to properties that they invade and nest in. They are able to tunnel through wooden structures, such as your home, in search of a food source.

All species of termites share an insatiable appetite for wood and other dense cellulose-containing materials. Given enough time and leeway, these insects are capable of causing extensive damage and will continue feasting on your wood until there is nothing left but a shell.

Termites in Johannesburg, and indeed the rest of the world, are social insects that live and thrive in colonies. The population of these colonies can reach far into the million, causing alarming levels of damage in a frighteningly short amount of time. A termite colony is made up of numerous structurally differentiated forms of living together as castes. This includes the soldiers, workers and reproductive termites. Each caste has a different function in the colony community life.

How Do Termites Get Into Your Home?

In their relentless search for food, which includes cellulose and wood, as well as moisture, termites will squeeze through cracks as narrow as a few millimetres to enter your home. Foundation cracks, expansion joints and even the tiniest gaps around plumbing all serve as potential entry points into your home. Once these pests are in, undetected termites can lead to unfathomable damage and devastation.

Other types of termites don’t even require contact with soil in order to thrive. This means that they are able to enter the home on any floor, or even through your basement, instead of only through gaps or cracks near the house’s foundation. Make no mistake, when it comes to entering your home, termites are amazingly relentless and proficient.

There are things you can do to make your home a far less attractive option for termites. Here are only a few options:

  • Call a pest control professional who specialises in termite control in Johannesburg, like Bugman Pest Control, to detect, control and prevent termites on your property and in your home; and


  • Safeguard your Bugman Pest Control termite treatment with updated and frequent inspections.


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